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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hinsdale Web Design has partnered up with a trusted search engine optimization firm.

Whether you need a full blown SEO air assault, or a straightforward audit of your current keyword rankings, we are ready and willing to get you where you need to be in a jiffy.


Our approach to optimizing your website with the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques is systematic and proven. First and foremost we ensure that you are running on all cylinders by locking down your SEO Foundation with our SEO Audit. This allows us to build a full on, forward looking strategy that is in line with your business goals and objectives.


Hinsdale Search Engine Optimization SEOThe first step for many of our clients is to dive into an SEO Audit. Before any venture, or ad-venture for that matter, it is essential to know where you are, where you are going and how the heck you are going to get there. Performing an Audit of how well optimized your website is answers these questions:

  • “How well optimized is my website?”
  • “How do I rank against my competitors?”
  • “What are the immediate and long term opportunities to improve my search rankings?”

These questions are answered by using specialized tools, along with our experienced insight, to collect data in three main areas of your online presence:


Google is a robot, or several robots to be more specific, and is very interested in robotic type stuff. This stuff is built into the code of your website and is very important to how well you rank in search engines. Much like road signs that tell us where we can and can’t go, the files of your website contain rules that tell Google what to do with the pages on your website. To make sure you are telling Google, “Hey Googs, we would like to be #1…everywhere, so, if everything else looks good let’s get there shall we? Onward and upward Googster!”

How quickly I digress…Here’s how we make sure the technical side of your campaign is wrapped up:

Google Search Console Audit:


Your search console can be your best friend. Through this console you can see messages and other information directly from Google that tell you what you can do to improve search performance.

Site Crawl:

Using SEO specific software, we crawl and analyze links, CSS, javascript and other coded elements on your website to identify areas that are not optimized. In many cases, the use of a developer may be required to clean some of this up for best results moving forward.


Hinsdale Search Engine Optimization SEOAfter looking under the hood, we then dive into an on page analysis of your top level pages as well as select sub-pages. Subpages are chosen based on traffic, link profile and social media presence to ensure that we are picking the “low hanging fruit” in order to gain immediate traction in search engines.

At the end of the On Page SEO portion of the Audit, you will have up to 10 fully optimized pages and can expect to start seeing immediate results. Each page will be optimized with:

  • Optimized Meta-Data
  • Targeted Keywords
  • Expanded and optimized content
  • Image ALT-tag optimization
  • User Experience recommendations
  • Internal Linking


Hinsdale Search Engine Optimization SEOWhenever another website links back to yours, it sends a powerful message to search engines. This is why link building is such a popular, as well as highly debated, strategy in the SEO world. Unfortunately, there are good links as well as bad. This portion of your audit includes a link analysis as well as looks into what directories you are listed on (and whether or not it is a good thing that your website is listed there).


Online reviews are a powerful asset to have online and can be THE distinguishing factor between you and your competitors. By understanding the current state of your online reputation, we can make recommendations in the form of a strategic reputation management campaign that can make the difference between gaining and losing a customer.


Hinsdale Search Engine Optimization SEO
Our Audit is targeted at knowing where you stand in terms of an SEO Foundation.  Part of understanding your place in the SEO universe is knowing where your competitors stand.  After all, we want to dominate rankings for your primary and long tail keywords, especially those that your competitor is outranking you with.  Our Competitive SEO Analysis seeks to uncover immediate and long term opportunities to outrank the competition and takes a look at the following metrics:

  • Domain vs Domain keyword rankings
  • Reputation Analysis
  • Social Media Comparison
  • Link Analysis
  • Directory Listings and Local SEO


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